The ICT working group is led by Elena Nadezhdina from Tomsk State University with English language backup provided by Andrew Barton from Charles University in Prague. The working group is responsible for the creation of (this) project website and its ongoing maintenance, as well as the creation of a central UNICO website hosted by Tomsk State University that will act as the repository of all language learning materials, activities, learning outcomes and individual UNICO centre curricula. In addition, the ICT working group will assist individual university partners to set up their own dedicated UNICO centre pages that will be linked to the central UNICO website.

This working group is also responsible for maintaining the project intranet for project management purposes (storage of files and other internal dissemination needs) and arranging ICT training for internal stakeholders, e.g. teachers who require information about the use of ICT tools in the classroom.

The following are the primarily outputs the working group will focus on:

  1. Drafting a work plan for itself
  2. Creating a project website for the duration of the implementation period
  3. Creating a central UNICO website (and subsidiary institutional UNICO web pages) as the main UNICO platform following subsequent roll-out of UNICO learning programmes
  4. Communication tools for use by teachers & other project staff within project activities, e.g. a Dropbox, a Google Group and a dedicated project management site (intranet)
  5. Analysis and selection of online ICT tools for teaching and use at UNICO centres
  6. Analysis and selection of offline ICT tools for teaching and use at UNICO centres
  7. The study of available multimedia products for teaching languages
  8. Online ICT training